South of Denmarks largest and coolest playground.

There are 4,800 indoor and 10,000 outdoor square feet filled with fun activities. Pack a food basket and bring family or friends for a nice day with fun and fun. You can also use our cafeteria which has very favorable prices.

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Visit us!


Once you have paid the entrance at Jump-A-Lot, all the many fun activities are free, with the exception of win machines and bowling shoes.

It means many hours of fun You can even bring your own packed lunch!

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Fun for everyone!


At Jump A Lot is fun and play for all ages. There are a toddler area for children aged 0 - 7 years. There are lots of activities that can sweat your forehead. You can compete in everything from football fields to mini golf or bowling. Need to relax, so take a walk in the massage chairs

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